Job Titles

Jobs And Titles – How to Make Employment Easier?

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Jobs and Job Titles are linked critically to an immediate view of what the job will entail. Example “Personal Assistant” we immediately think of a person who will assist a manager with answering phones, travel arrangements and administration. Another example is “Manager” immediately think of someone that leads a team of employees. Want to save hours in hiring? Then ensure your Job Title is ideal for the role.

5 things about a candidate

5 Little Things That Can Tell You A Lot About a Candidate

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We hear from numerous studies that interviews are not a valid indicator for an ideal match between candidate and job. We agree with many of these sentiments, it should be the interview, with an assessment, background checks and references to help you make that final hiring decision. But in the interview and around the screening process you can find 5 little things that will tell you a lot about a candidate …


The ONE way to reduce your hiring costs.

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The Job Crystal study on ‘time to hire one new employee’, showed on average 33 hours. This was from the start of creating the job description, to advertising, answering applicants, screening, sourcing, interviewing, completing background checks and ending in the offer being negotiated and accepted. 33 hours for one person working a standard month of 173 hours, equates to 20% of their working month.

Hiring for fit

The mistakes you make in hiring no one will tell you

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Hiring is easy:

  1. Advertise a job
  2. Screen applications
  3. Interview
  4. Hire

So easy yet this is one of the most difficult parts of leading a team, department, or company. What happens when you keep hiring and the people you hire keep leaving? We have a few clients (and ourselves at times) when we just cannot find a suitable candidate who we hire and who stays for a number of years! Why is this? Find our top 5 hiring mistakes:

Hire slow, fire fast or hire smart fire less

Hire Slow, Fire Fast or Hire Smart, Fire less

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I am copying the title of Jim Calloway’s article on hiring within law firms. It resonated with me as I have heard all week from clients who have been hearing ‘hire slow, fire fast’. This saying has never rested well with me as having recruited over the past 20 years, I would say 80% of the roles I recruited I always needed urgently. Not because of bad planning, but because of opportunities we found. Being in the IT side of many industries, change and hiring are the constant – its just what change and what skills.