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Hi, I’m Crystal, AI recruitment software created to save you time when recruiting candidates, although there’s nothing artificial about what I do. I work tirelessly and fast, day and night, to search all sources of candidates - from application to job adverts, from active candidates on our recruitment portal to passive talent - and match them to your job description…within minutes. I’m that good.

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More time

Crystal AI does all the searching for you so you can spend time working on your other priorities. We find you 10 candidates in minutes!
More candidates

Thank you Crystal, she searches in all types of databases, pools and websites to ensure quantity of candidates screened are increased.
More precise

Re-entering your job description through key words is not needed, Crystal will use your Job Description and find you candidates! Effective!
More diverse

A diverse work force is a productive workforce! Crystal uses AI with a human touch to ensure your candidates are diverse.

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