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Quite simply, we do recruitment and we do it well. We literally couldn’t be more Crystal clear about it (get it!). Our range of recruitment services fit all budgets, shapes and company sizes, giving SME’s, agencies and corporates more time to focus on the bigger picture.

From Do-It-Yourself recruitment solutions to trusting our talented team of recruitment revolutionaries to do it all for you (aka WDIF - We-Do-It-For you solution), Job Crystal’s mission is to search and find the perfect talent match for your business - faster, smarter and at the click of a mouse.

They don’t call us the talent matchmakers for nothing, you know.

You do it

You do it

Let our machine find, search, source and screen talent for you! Get the 10 best candidates from 34 million!

It’s as easy as Click. Connect. reCruit.

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We do it

We do it

Would you like to call a friend? Sit back and watch your business grow by letting us handle the hiring load for you.

It's as easy as Click. Connect. Chill.

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Traditional recruitment processes such as searching, sourcing and screening candidates faster, simpler and more affordably.

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Background checks

Nobody likes a swindler. We conduct fast, accurate and reliable background and criminal checks to ensure the integrity of our candidates.

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Salary benchmarking

Know your employees worth by finding out the most current salary packages based on the current job market.

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Match your time resources with your budget

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Receive 10 intelligently matched candidates for your job posting.

Applications from only the candidates who are a match, which in turn leads me to...

Save time on recruiting your perfect hire

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Time efficiency

10 candidates in minutes and up to 24 hours saved in screening. Need we say more? Tick, tock... what are you waiting for?


From active to passive talent, Job Crystal leaves no stone unturned in the search for the perfect pairing.


Automate and elevate the hiring process using our impressive AI software for more accurate and effective hiring decisions.


Job Crystal helps local SME’s and businesses create a thriving, diverse workforce to ensure productivity and equality.

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