Should I Apply if I Don’t Have the Experience?

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We’ve all been there – you see the perfect job in the perfect location for the perfect salary. Then you read further down the page and see that they need 3-5 years of experience when you only have 2. Your first reaction might be to just not apply, but don’t count yourself out yet. Sometimes experience is negotiable if you …

Hiring for fit

The mistakes you make in hiring no one will tell you

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Hiring is easy:

  1. Advertise a job
  2. Screen applications
  3. Interview
  4. Hire

So easy yet this is one of the most difficult parts of leading a team, department, or company. What happens when you keep hiring and the people you hire keep leaving? We have a few clients (and ourselves at times) when we just cannot find a suitable candidate who we hire and who stays for a number of years! Why is this? Find our top 5 hiring mistakes:

Navigating Mental Illness at Work – My Story

Catherine Recruiting

There are times in your life when you just know something is wrong. That was me at the beginning of this year. I realised I was spending more time stressing about work than I was achieving anything at work. I would have bouts of uncontrollable crying. Scariest of all were the days where I didn’t want to get out of …

Stand out

My story on how I stood out from the crowd (when job searching)

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My story is not hugely different from many, I started my career with no degree as I did not know what I wanted to do for a living. I worked hard and I got retrenched, four times to be exact (twice I had to retrench myself as it was the company I was heading up). Each time I had to dust myself off and get back on to the job search challenge. And each time I figured out better and smarter ways to stand out from the crowd (the job search crowd). So today I thought I would share what I learnt each time ….

11 Vital Interview Questions to Avoid Hiring Mistakes

Catherine Recruiting

As tough as it is to be an interviewee, much less is said about the difficulties of being an interviewer. How do you, in the short time you have with the candidate, decide if they will be the right person to hire for your company or not? Not hiring correctly can be a costly exercise, so here are 11 important …

7 Qualities Everyone Wants to Hire

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Job seeking is intimidating. How do you know exactly what a company is looking for and what to highlight on your CV and in your interviews? There are thankfully some universal traits that all hiring professionals are looking for. Here are 7 that every recruiter is looking to hire. 1. Perseverance Recruitment is an expensive process and hiring a new …

7 Ways to Spot a Job Scam

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As if searching for a job wasn’t stressful enough already, we’ve heard stories recently of several job scams that are making the rounds. At best these scams are ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes that don’t ever pay off. At worst you could find yourself paying money for a job that doesn’t exist or even in some terrifying cases, being trafficked. It’s important, therefore, …