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OUR VISION #Making a dent in

OUR VIBE At #jobcrystal, I will always look for the best companies, and the best candidates, which together make the best matches. Better than Tinder

Our Crew
Sasha Knott

“Inventor of Crystal and this page”

Kelly Louw

“Operational manager extraodinaire”

Wanita Goodwin

“Team momanger”

Natalie Krynauw

“Is a Purple Squirrel finder”

Tamrin De Beer
Tamrin De Beer Chief Talent Magnet

“Specialize in IT and Executive placements”

Jemma Masureik

“Keeps track of files and information”

Cath Goldie

“CV Revamp Guru”

Gabby Fox
Gabby FoxEA

“Chief of everything”

Chantel Taylor

“Placing people with passion and purpose”

Janine Moran

“Helps you grow”

Joe-Lin Kohn
Joe-Lin KohnTalent Wizard

“Finds unicorns”

Tamsen Warrack
Tamsen WarrackAccount Manager

“Places the right people in the right place”

Tracey Govender
Tracey Govender Talent Magnet

“Attracts all types”

Tracey Govender
Louise Cox Business Developer

“Expert needle mover”

Our Companies

At Job Crystal, I am nothing if not flexible. I work with one-man and one-woman shows who need someone who can do everything they can (and then some), to listed corporations - and I am comfortable and confident at both ends of the scale.

I focus on SMEs, because that’s where 60% of the available workforce is hired, and that’s where I see the biggest benefit to our economy.

Feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack? bring it - i love a challenge

Have a look at some of the companies I have helped so far, and read their rave reviews - the reviews I love to get.

X Rapid Deploy
Go Global
Black Mamba
Play Sense

“Such an amazing team at Job Crystal. I generally dislike recruitment companies but this one is definitely streets ahead. Professional, fast, efficient and an unbelievable amount of care and understanding. I highly recommend them.”

Harry Welby-Cooke, ActionCOACH SA

“Hiring the best is crucial for our industry where we literally save lives, so having Job Crystal assisting us build a strong and robust IT team has been crucial. Thoroughly enjoy working with a team that has saved us time and money and brought us amazing talent!”

Darran Finn, GM RapidDeploy

Our Partners

I understand the frustration of looking for a supplier, reading reviews and deciding if they are better than the other 100 Google showed you – so I thought I would help and share who we partner with to build better and more successful teams!

At Job Crystal we help you hire well … Our HR partner helps to correct any hiring that didn’t go so well


The LUVERA team builds solutions that matter to you based on your needs and journey. We give you the tools and support to create a workplace that is productive, innovative, resilient and personalized.

  • We love helping companies take advantage of the latest HR thinking and tools so that they can grow their people and their business.
  • We help companies get the HR basics right so that they can focus on what they are good at.
  • We personalise our HR solutions to support your company’s unique employee experience.

If every superstar sportsman has a coach why doesn’t every superstar business have a coach? We thought the same and got our coach (FYI they are brilliant)


At ActionCOACH we make you money, guide you to save time, build a high performing team and ultimately create a ‘Commercial Profitable Enterprise that Works without You’.

ActionCOACH Business Coaching originated in Australia in 1993 and today operates in over 80 countries. As the World’s Leading Business Coaching company our focus is on creating ‘World Abundance through Business Re-Education’ by coaching Entrepreneurs and Executives to create more profitable and more sustainable companies.

From Start-up business to Multi-National corporate, and everything in-between, we have the right Business Coaching solution for you. Get into ACTION today!

Need to know exactly who you are hiring? Use a specialised psychometrist … our one is

FvT HR Consulting

FvT HR Consulting provides psychometric services, using psychometric tools registered with the Board of Psychology, to enable clients to recruit the most suitable candidates in their talent selection processes and retain their talent. We offer our psychometric services both remotely and online, however such services can be provided in person for Cape Town based clients. We also provide professional Labour Relations and fit-for-purpose various HR interventions, to assist clients to implement best HR practices and to ensure compliance to relevant labour legislation.

Needing to get your team on track to be high performers! Highly recommend this bunch


Neurozone blends neuroscience and analytics to help you build resilience, prevent burnout and unlock high performance. We also render consulting services to companies in organizational development by facilitating behavioral changes that are in line with your organizational goals. Our science-backed interventions are customized for each client, and promise to increase well-being, job satisfaction and engagement. Essentially - we build resilience for organizational well-being, leadership development, and high performance.

Need to get all the legal stuff done with a real lawyer but don’t want to pay those hourly rates – we have the company for you

Lacoona Legal

Lacoona Legal. Offering straightforward legal, regulatory, and business support for startups and SMEs and for founders and business owners who understand the benefit of a strong foundation. Automating the legal, compliance, and regulatory process to help startups and operational SMEs manage their business and risk, corporate governance & stakeholders, raise capital effectively and manage their suppliers and employees. Including proactive legal and compliance health checks and risk assessments with recommendation-outputs to get you to where you need to be with access to a network of lawyers as well as investors.

Need to run employee surveys which are much more detailed and analaytical than Google forms then

Engagement Multiplier

Engagement Multiplier is a leading SaaS-based employee engagement platform built for growing companies. We help businesses achieve greater profitability, productivity, and success by enabling leaders to quickly assess and improve employee engagement, performance, and morale. Using the intuitive Engagement Multiplier dashboard, business leaders can easily survey employees using a Benchmark Assessment or gather feedback from defined teams with a customised On-Demand Survey. The results are remarkable: Engagement Multiplier clients’ average employee turnover rates are 60% lower than the norm.

Need to connect with service providers/tools that support and accelerate small business growth

Symmetry Hub

Symmetry Hub connects business owners with the tools and service providers who specialise in supporting and accelerating small business growth.

We are female led which made sense to find a finance partner who focused on ‘who runs the world’!


At Xena, we exist to grow the female economy by providing access to networking, mentorship and business funding for female business owners.

Need some help with ensuring your jobs get the right attention on social media ... we have just the company

EF Creative Solutions

Elzette Fourie is a Freelance Recruitment Marketer with over 20 years in recruitment here in South Africa and the United Kingdom. In short, she provides creative solutions to the Recruitment Industry through social media recruitment & management, recruitment marketing, advertising as well as job and candidate sourcing.

Our Candidates

I understand the frustration of looking for a job (I’ve been there myself a few times), so I know the pain, the frustration, no replies etc.

I aim to be different by giving you honest feedback, opportunities, ways to increase your chances of success, and hopefully an introduction to one of our companies.

I have placed 1000s of candidates in jobs... see below how i have helped just a few.
Shelley Spires-Bolle

Retail Capital

We put Shelley forward for a Brand Project Manager role at Retail Capital in 2018. After an initial screening call with Sasha she went for a first interview, was invited for a second interview not long after and Retail Capital offered her the role soon after that. She describes the process of working with Sasha as friendly, quick, easy, and straightforward and would recommend Job Crystal as a top choice for any job seeker.

Michelle Gordon

Rapid Deploy

We placed Michelle as a Database Administrator at Rapid Deploy at the beginning of 2018. At the time, the company was a start-up and still relatively small. Sasha, our Managing Director, knows Michelle and immediately saw that she would be perfect fit for the role. Michelle describes the process of working with Job Crystal as quick, friendly, and professional.

Moshabi Ledwaba

Logicalis SA

Ooohhh the best service I have ever experienced from a recruitment agency/company.I specifically dealt with Kim and Janine and I must say,I was updated throughout the process and kept me calm when I was panicking and anxious.Keep up the good work ladies and I will most definately be referring my friends and family to Job Crystal.Can’t wait to start my new journey,thanks to you

Jabulani Ngwenya

Logicalis SA

Job Crystal has made everything so easy in getting me employed. Janine and Kim have seen it through and they’ve always kept me informed with all the procedures and expectations on my application.

I am happy to say I’m currently employed thanks to Job Crystal and its amazing staff.

At job crystal i put our money where our heart is by donating to these charities for every invoice paid.

Paying it forward is one small step towards doing good, and a giant leap of kindness. I make sure the money goes where it’s most needed. Both my directors are on the boards, and volunteer, at these NPOs. It’s important to us that every Rand does the best it can.

We are so grateful to Job Crystal for supporting the Kay Mason Foundation and giving the gift of education! Job Crystal understand that doing good is good business!

As a brand, Job Crystal is innovative, agile and proving to be a powerful force in the recruitment world.

We are grateful for the partnership and the difference that each placement is making to a worthy scholar’s future!”

Lauren Bright, KMF CEO

Kay Mason Foundation

“Job Crystal has been supporting the Cart Horse Association for many years, and we are so grateful for their support.

We are thankful for the sponsorship and the difference that each placement is making to towards the welfare of the horses and ponies in our care.”

Karin Pascher, CHPA Fundraiser

Cart Horse Protection Association