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Full Stack Developer

Western Cape Market Related
Sector: IT / Computers / Software
Posted: Friday, 5 August 2022

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A Multinational leading ISP with large scale national network, requires a dedicated individual, with 5+ years’ experience who will work with a creative and strategic environment to develop and implementation of front and back-end software, web application development and maintenance, integration of existing internal systems such as our website, customer portal, CMS, project management and billing platform into 3rd party applications via API or other.

The company website is mainly developed in NodeJS, makes use of Google’s Geolocator API’s, and integrates via API to SOLID. One of the main features to streamline the customer experience to search for available fibre connectivity in their area is the Fibre search feasibility functionally provided via API.

The business is aims to continuously enhance their feasibility functionally that is integrated with their own Fibre Network and 3rd party FNO’s such as Vumatel, Frogfoot, Openserve, etc to provide quick and robust search results of available Internet connectivity services they can provide as it is important in our Industry to make the signup experience seamless for the customer.

The preservation and upkeep of the Website and feasibility functionally is key to the sales force and commercial market, this is one of the key areas the development team focus on.

Design and implementation of API endpoints exposed is essential for the integration into internal and 3rd party applications and systems. The development team along with third party engineers are responsible to continuously enhance and improve the all round functionality.

As part of the company wide automation the business has been working on development and deployment of Instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and AI integration to a customer FAQ BOT.

The customer portal which currently is being revamped to provide customers with necessary functionally to a complete self-service experience.

Open Access functionally to the business’ FNO has become an important requirement to the wholesale customers and commercial market. The design, architecture, implementation of this functionally via API and customer Portal is essential.

The business makes use of a fully automated hosting CRM and billing system called WHMCS, which is mainly build in PHP and integrates to SOLID via API. WHMCS is fully customizable and bespoke features and functionality are designed, implemented and maintained by the development team.


  • Tertiary qualification with Java programming Language
  • Extensive knowledge of NodeJS, Javascript, JQuery,Php, Object-Oriented programming and frameworks, AJAX, HTML5,CSS, MySQL, MongoDB and other.
  • Experience in producing reliable, RestFUL APIs.
  • Experience with Web Service Development in both front and back-end applications.
  • Experience with Linux systems, operating and understanding of web server software.
  • Minimum 5 Years’ experience.