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Retail Sales Assistant - Meat industry

Gauteng , R15000 - R20000 Per Month
Sector: Food & Beverage
Posted: Monday, 20 June 2022

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Job Details


Store Clerks assist in the day to day operations of the store at which they work. They aim to ensure customers have a pleasant shopping experience. To this end, Store Clerks need to be very familiar with their shop and the products it offers so that they can direct customers to what they want. Store Clerks also are concerned with maintaining an attractive environment where customers can move around easily and safely. Store Clerks work at brick-and-mortar establishments that sell goods directly to consumers. While many work for large retailers that sell grocery or general merchandise, others find employment at specialty shops such as bookstores or clothing boutiques. Stamina, physical fitness and a good pair of walking shoes serve Store Clerks well because they are often on their feet and moving items. During busy times of the year, Store Clerks may be expected to work extra hours beyond their normal shift.


  • Assisting Customers: With the rise of online shopping, traditional stores are putting an increasing emphasis on customer service as a way to distinguish themselves. Store Clerks play a large role in this effort. They may greet people entering, direct shoppers to appropriate departments or search for specific items within the store. Store Clerks may be responsible for processing payments at the register, checking prices, bagging items or helping to load purchases into a customer's vehicle.
  • Facility Maintenance: Gathering carts from the parking lot, putting discarded items back in the right place and picking up trash in the aisles are some of the tasks Store Clerks may be assigned to perform to keep the place orderly.
  • Working on Promotions and Displays: Store Clerks may be called upon to set up displays that highlight certain products. They also make customers aware of various store activities and offers, such as signing up for a credit card to receive a discount.
  • Providing Training: Experienced Store Clerks are often tasked with teaching new employees and looking after their progress.

Experience & Qualifications

  • Going the extra mile to make shoppers happy
  • Following directions
  • Perceiving what needs to be done and doing it, such as requesting more stock for an empty shelf or opening a new checkout line during the evening rush
  • Learning about new items and procedures willingly and quickly
  • Getting along with teammates
  • Looking and acting professionally at all times

Must have butcher experience

Must have experience in meat industry