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Engagement Manager - Financial and Digital Inclusion

*Remote , R50000 - R80000 Per Month
Sector: NPO
Posted: Friday, 17 June 2022

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Job Details

Role Summary

We are looking for an Engagement Manager to manage financial and digital inclusion projects. They will work with multilateral organisations, regulators, policy makers and companies to unlock pathways for inclusive digital transformation, leveraging high quality evidence and ideas. Technology and data can play a powerful role to address development challenges, however they also pose new risks to consumers. This role needs to work across our thematic areas to help policymakers, private sector and development partners chart this path to innovate in a way that contributes to positive systemic change and improved development outcomes for households and communities. Engagement managers are not expected to be specialists in all our areas of work, but rather to bring their own expertise and networks to complement the team.

Engagement managers at The Company have the dual opportunity to manage teams to deliver existing projects and to develop new areas of work in support of our development vision. As an Engagement Manager you will work closely with diverse thematic specialists across our team, will take ownership of client engagement, project implementation and will inspire, manage and develop teams of junior staff to effectively deliver on key short and long-term goals. As an Engagement Manager you will have the responsibility to inform our impact agenda, build stakeholder relationships and share insights generated in order to inspire and catalyse positive impact. You will also have the ability to shape your own destiny and generate your own opportunities – at The Company, proactive, driven people excel and are provided with the flexibility to build their own vision in collaboration with both junior and senior colleagues.

Engagement Managers travel domestically and globally to explore the challenges we address for our partners. As senior team members, they actively contribute to and shape our independent research objectives, operations and strategy – in pursuit of impact.

Who you are:

  • You are a curious and creative thinker, interested in achieving impact beyond yourself, and you have a sustained interest in solving real world problems.
  • You have the patience to pursue impact over time by generating, sharing and applying insights.
  • You enjoy an adventurous and entrepreneurial environment where you can live your life to the fullest.
  • You bring inspiration and inspired points of view from diverse sources to help your teams and clients imagine new opportunities.
  • You enjoy managing complex projects that deliver on impact objectives.
  • Being highly collaborative, you appreciate and learn from the perspectives of those who have different backgrounds and skills.
  • You are excited by the opportunity to develop the skills of junior team members to help them become effective development professionals and innovators.
  • You enjoy crafting persuasive narratives in written and verbal form to engage our partners on how to improve inclusive systems.
  • You want to help build and strengthen the business in support of our vision, creating opportunities for future impact founded on trusted networks and quality work.

Qualifications and experience

You have:

  • A minimum of five years’ experience working in financial services, financial inclusion, digital transformation, sustainable finance or a related field
  • Excellent strategic thinking as well as verbal and written communication skills that can inspire teammates and clients
  • Experience in research and project design to solve problems while developing and empowering junior team members, including proposal development, budgeting, resource management and talent management
  • Demonstrated ability to work flexibly and efficiently, exercising a balance between research rigor, impact and nimble project management
  • An ability to meet the demands of multiple clients simultaneously, balancing efficiency with quality and accuracy
  • A high comfort level in working within a self-directed culture and navigating ambiguity
  • A proven appetite for experimentation (while you have facility in a range of research methods, you are inventive, and you value great inspiration over dogmatic adherence to process)
  • A Master’s degree or similar qualification in economics, law, policy, development or related areas
  • Fluency in French will be an advantage, but not a requirement
  • Experience in any of the following areas of particular interest, not required: consumer insights, behavioural science, data governance, sustainability, climate change, fintech, business development.