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IT Enterprise Manager

Western Cape Market Related
Sector: IT / Computers / Software
Posted: Monday, 23 May 2022

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Job Details


An international soft fruit group with business units across the world is seeking an IT Enterprise Manager to join their team in Stellenbosch.

The IT Enterprise Manager will be responsible for coordinating, planning, and leading all IT related activities within company whilst creating synergy between people, partners, processes, and technology to achieve business objectives.

The IT Enterprise Manager will help determine the IT needs of the organisation and take responsibility for implementing computer systems as well as other IT related interventions to fulfil the organisations information systems requirements.


Business Leader & Manager

  • Responsible for IT governance and enterprise architecture through:
    • Leadership, the development and implementation of organisational structures and processes which ensure that the IT organisation sustains and extends the organisation’s strategies and objectives.
    • Ensuring the systems and IT landscape meets the organisation’s performance, resilience and security requirements.
    • Ensuring our systems and IT complies to necessary organisational and industry rules, legislation and regulations (internal and external).
    • Manages risk and compliance (Business impact and risk analysis) on a systems and IT level.
    • Ensuring that the operational and strategic needs of the business is met (from the IT and systems perspective).
  • Responsible for implementation and drive of the systems and IT strategy in close collaboration with the Op Board.
  • Performance manages a small team and their accountability (1-3 people) to meet company functional and strategic objectives.
  • Manage systems and IT internal resources and capacity (leveraging internal and external resources) to ensure business requirements are met in an efficient manner.
  • Responsible for the financial management of all systems, IT solutions and related resources (budgeting, forecasting and approvals) to control financial spend and assess return on investment.
  • Provide feedback on a regular basis to the SLT and Op Board on all systems and IT related developments, improvements and updates on outstanding tasks.
  • Responsible for the 2 entities that form part of the Company’s overall Systems and IT service delivery, which include the assessment of the businesses, their systems landscape and drive continuous improvement.
  • Responsible for the monitoring of and reporting on all systems and platforms performance and implementing appropriate solutions.
  • Responsible for IT Service Management which includes process framework for designing, operating, and managing IT services to align with business goals
  • Responsible for the knowledge management of:
    • internal (staff) training on various platforms.
    • external system users (growers) whom have access to their fruit information via (“BEX”) a DiPAR web-based export fruit system that is bespoke to the Company and Power BI on new business tools.
  • Responsible for ensuring that accountability is maintained for company systems and IT assets and how it is efficiently maintained and tracked.
  • Lead the PWC Audit requirements to ensure appropriate controls are in place.

Business Relationship Management

  • Evaluation, procurement, establishment and review of supplier contracts.
  • Accountable for the management of service level agreements and ensuring service delivery, value propositions and set outcomes are achieved.
  • Accountable for key supplier management which includes:
    • DiPAR, export system developer for BEX.
    • Moyo, the reporting partner, specifically using Power BI for external reporting to 35 grower entities.
    • CCS, the hardware provider.
    • Adept, the internet provider.
    • The company’s shared IT services and licensing.
  • Build and maintain good relationships with all service providers, partners and internal stakeholders, which includes ensuring efficient cross collaboration between departments within the Group.

Policies, Procedures, Ways of Working (SOPs) & Process Mapping

  • Responsible for documenting all systems and IT process maps (IT landscape) to support internal controls, bring transparency and understanding to all relevant stakeholders and identify improvement / risk areas.
  • Responsible for all systems and IT policies, procedures, and ways of working to govern all users (new, old, and annual reviews/ updates).
  • Responsible for overall change and release management to ensure seamless implementation of all new functionality or software being introduced to the business which includes documenting, stakeholder management and co-ordinating implementations).
  • Responsible to ensure that all policies and procedures are implemented and consistently across the organisation.
  • Facilitate the development and implementation of data quality standards, data protection standards and adoption requirements across the Group.

Executives’ Engagements & Reporting

  • Accountable for commercial reporting to external stakeholders (primarily 35 grower entities) whom has access to their fruit data via BEX and Power BI, which includes a series of financial and quality reports.
  • Responsible for internal reporting to Op board, SLT and staff on various systems and IT matters (essentially all the KPAs listed in this job description) to ensure all stakeholders are informed (Fixed Weekly, Monthly and Annual reporting).
  • Responsible to ensure that our IT solutions are aligned and compliant with group standards with Group IT (based in UK).

Project Management

  • Accountable for identifying, driving and monitoring of annual systems and IT projects which are:
    • Aligned with business operational and strategic requirements;
    • Structured and approved by SLT and Op Board;
    • Well planned and structured;
    • Well communicated to all stakeholders to ensure buy-in;
    • Implemented by departmental champions ;
    • Delivered on time;
    • Within approved budget;
    • Specifically, but not limited to, Dipar (BEX) and Moyo (Power BI).

IT & Data Governance

  • Accountable for overall management of data, including
    • Safeguarding data and ensure that there are appropriate storage solutions.
    • Ensuring the security, access, and compliance of data is maintained (APAC and POPIA)
    • Ensuring the quality and integrity of specifically BEX and BI data (Quality assurance)
    • Establishing and maintaining data architecture initiatives (logical and efficient manner that is easily accessible E.g., SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams file structures).



  • Enterprise Architecture (TOGAFF) (4 years) (Desirable)
  • IT Service Management (ITIL v3/v4) (Essential)
  • Project Management (AGILE/Waterfall) (Essential)
  • Change Management (AGILE) (Essential)
  • Information Management Degree or relevant qualification (Essential)
  • Driver’s license (Essential)

Professional Registration/ Membership

  • ICITP (Institute of Chartered IT Professionals) (Desirable)


  • Business Analysis (5 years) (Essential)
  • Business Relationship Management (5 years) (Essential)
  • IT Management (5 years) (Essential)
  • Data Analysis (e.g. SQL queries) (5 years) (Essential)
  • Fruit Export Experience (3 – 5 years) (Desirable)
  • Report Building (e.g. Power BI) (3 – 5 years) (Essential)
  • INCO terms (1 – 2 years) (Desirable)
  • Office 365 (Business Efficiency Tools: i.e. Visio, Power Apps, Planner etc.) (2 – 3 years) (Essential)


  • Planning (3 – 4 years) (Essential)
  • Excellent communication skills (3 – 4 years) (Essential)
  • Computer literacy (MS Office) (3 – 4 years) (Essential)
  • Strong problem-solving skills (3 – 4 years) (Essential)
  • Strong negotiation skills (3 – 4 years) (Desirable)
  • Analytical skills (3 – 4 years) (Essential)


  • Ownership and responsibility
  • Ability to work without close supervision
  • Approaching problems in a rational and analytical manner
  • Collaboration with others
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Desire to be organised and create plans
  • Detail orientation