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Senior Java Developer

Gauteng , R60000 - R70000 Per Month
Sector: IT / Computers / Software
Posted: Thursday, 21 April 2022

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Job Details

Job Title:

Senior Java Developer - Fleet Domain

Purpose Statement:

Responsible for the development and support of a java/groovy based Fleet management software application.


Fleet Domain


Software Development

Reports to:

Technical Lead



Level of Work:



Main Responsibilities

Responsibilities/ Tasks

  • Responsible for developing standalone software and involved with all the phases of the development life cycle (design, coding, testing, release)
  • Responsible for enhancing software functionality
  • Responsible for supporting production software when necessary
  • Obtains a clear understanding of the spec in conjunction with the Business Analyst and systems Architect
  • Assists the project manager/dev team lead architect to accurately determine the time required to write / change the software according to spec as well as the time required to do developer unit testing
  • Develops and agrees the test plan
  • Unit tests the changes before handing over to QA/UAT
  • Assists QA/UAT with queries/testing requirements
  • Provides procedural documentation as / when required
  • Investigates reasons for critical problems
  • Identifies and reports trends when appropriate
  • Assists with the growth and increased understanding of more junior developers
  • Shares work-related knowledge and experience
  • Inputs daily accurate time-keeping statistics according to Fleet Domain’s requirements
  • Actively Manages own knowledge growth
  • Plans knowledge & skills growth and works towards constant improvement
  • Reviews monthly & updates the Performance Agreements (alone and with Team leader)








Designs, codes, tests and debugs software

  • Bug Free, Reliable
  • Meet development and client requirements
  • Delivered on time, within required deadlines
  • Meets coding standards
  • Comprehensive Unit Testing before allocation to QA
  • Documents software developments and changes


Maintains software

  • Meet development and client requirements


Grows own knowledge & skills & Mentors and assists other team Developers

  • Up-to-date & accurate performance agreements
  • Demonstrates the will to learn
  • Constantly Implements what has learned
  • Continued on the job growth
  • Establish a “continuous improvement” approach by identifying technical and process gaps and seeking to resolve
  • Mentors and coaches
  • Gives input
  • Helps others grow
  • Shares knowledge by keeping an updated knowledge repository        


Produces documentation for the objects and programs

  • Adequate
  • Easy to understand


Client satisfaction

  • Positive feedback from client at all times


Technical specifications and quotations

  • Clear and readable
  • Accurate
  • Professional


Maintains up to date fleet domain administration requirements

  • Accurate and up-to-date timekeeping records
  • Accurate and up-to-date status’s on development and incidents
  • Accurate and up-to-date leave information



Education and Experience requirements

Computer Science degree

7+ years’ experience in same or similar position

Availability to work after hours occasionally and when required to meet project deadlines



Java –extensive knowledge


HTML 5 / Javascript (react.js, bootstrap)

Grails framework

SQL (MySQL an advantage)

Linux and shell scripting

Object-oriented Design and Programming




Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Demonstrated analytical/problem solving ability

Time management and organizational skills

Ability and desire to learn new skills quickly

Ability to work well with a team in a fast paced, constantly changed environment and follow instructions from supervisors and senior colleagues

Outstanding customer service skills and a dedication to the customer service experience

Dependable to complete work as expected



Personal Attributes


Positive work attitude

Self-motivated / ability to work with little supervision

Passion for learning

Takes initiative

Punctual & Efficient

Tactful and mature

Ability to work under pressure

High level of accuracy

Ability to multitask

Deadline driven

Analytical thinker

Team player

Flexible with time if required


Behavioural Competencies

Concern for order, quality and accuracy      This behaviour demonstrates the ability to ensure order, quality and accuracy.

Customer Service Orientation This behaviour demonstrates the willingness and the ability to give priority to customers, delivering high-quality services which meet their needs.

Leading and Developing Others        This behaviour demonstrates the ability and willingness to lead, encourage, inspire and support team members to develop confidence and capability to help them realise their full potential.

Acquisition and Distribution of Knowledge and Skills Mastering of relevant job/functional related know-ledge and the motivation to expand, use and distribute work related knowledge to others.

Information Seeking This behaviour demonstrates an underlying curiosity and the desire to know more and not accepting situations at "face value".

Teamwork and Cooperation This behaviour demonstrates the ability and willingness to work effectively and co-operatively within multi-disciplinary teams to accomplish goals.  

Flexibility This behaviour demonstrates the ability to adapt to and work with a variety of situations, individuals and groups.

Initiative This behaviour demonstrates the ability to independently anticipate and identify problems, obstacles and opportunities. Takes action to address problems and capatilise on opportunities.