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Configuration Manager

Gauteng , R53263 - R53263 Per Month
Sector: IT / Computers / Software
Posted: Friday, 1 April 2022

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Job Details


An IT solutions company are looking for a Configuration Manager to manage multiple service suppliers by integrating them, so they can collaborate to provide the customer expected value. The integration introduces the concept of a single, customer-facing logical entity known as the service integrator.

The purpose of Configuration Management under the SIAM function is to identify, record, control, report, audit and verify service assets and configuration items, including baselines, versions, constituent components, their attributes, and relationships. Efficiently and effectively supporting the Service Management processes by providing accurate configuration information. There is a very close cooperation and teamwork with the Change Management process.

One of the main objective is ensuring, managing and protecting the integrity of the assets and configuration items (CIs) and their relations required to control the services.


  • Analyse stakeholder requirements
  • Define and agree the service configuration management approach
  • Communicate and integrate the service configuration management approach into the organization's value streams
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of every CI and the relevant interfaces to external and internal service providers where there are assets and configuration items that need to be controlled.
  • Define CI model
  • Follow the CI model
  • Manage exceptions
  • Review the CI model
  • Maintain an AMDB or spreadsheet containing records of all CI assets showing new, issued, stock or damaged, by using the relevant tool for network discoverable assets, Active Directory for user and role configuration, and appropriate processes and procedures for all other assets;
  • Perform a bi-annual asset reconciliation;
  • Ensure the AMDB is kept updated as a result of any change to an asset instigated through the Change Management, or Request Management Procedure, through Incident resolution, or as a result of the output of the any asset reconciliation; and
  • Identify, record and track all hardware items (network attached) within the following categories:
  • Verify configuration data
  • Review the verification output
  • Review and update configuration management processes
  • Ensure that IT staff members follow CM processes


  • Grade 12
  • ITIL Foundation qualification
  • Strong Excel Skills,
  • 2 years’ experience in a similar role,
  • Technical qualifications would be beneficial
  • 4-6 years experience as configuration manager
  • Good knowledge of the organization, its resources and available information
  • Good understanding of the service configuration management practice and its role in the SVS MTC
  • Good understanding of stakeholder requirements, service configuration management methods
  • and tools, available sources of information, and means of automation
  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Good understanding of the agreed approach


Skills and Competencies

  • Ability to track end-of-life and retired CI's
  • Manage service providers to record and expose all attributes of CI's throughout the product or service lifecyle.
  • Able to conduct audits on configuration items.
  • Ability to consult the CAB on required changes.
  • Able to work closely with the PMO in infrastructure projects.