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Frequently Asked by Candidates

JobCrystal is an online career management service for all candidates searching for job opportunities and companies looking to hire candidates within South Africa. Candidates can upload their details to ensure that when a Company uploads a job specification, that should they match the criteria they will be notified and can choose to accept an interview. Other opportunities on the site exists for Companies to advertise and to purchase packages in order for JobCrystal to do checks on candidates.

You know how that chicken-orientated fast-food chain refuses to share its herbs-and-spices recipe? Yeah. We're not going to give away all our secrets either. But here's more or less how it works:
  • We approach corporate employers and ask them to give us detailed descriptions of the positions they need to fill.
  • You complete your profile by filling in your skills, dream jobs, work experience, personality type, and other preferences.
  • Our system goes to work, making millions of calculations (that's a rough approximation) at lightning-quick speeds (that, on the other hand, is very accurate) in order to determine the best candidates for the position.
  • Bubble bubble toil and trouble. Abracadabra. Wands are waved and sparks fly.
  • You get matched to jobs that are highly suited to your skills, goals and values.
And that's all we're allowed to tell you. But if you want to see the magic in action, do sign up and give it a try. (Disclaimer: It's not really magic, but it certainly might look that way to passers-by.)
Because, unlike many recruitment agencies, we do the job-hunting and matching work for you; and unlike a lot of recruitment agents, we don't waste your time by sending you to interviews for unsuitable jobs. Apart from that, we:
  • offer loads of other valuable stuff, like salary information, suggested skills, career pathing, networking opportunities and so on
  • have a large and growing database of corporate employers, which means more jobs on offer
  • are a career management company, we build a relationship with you that allows us to advise you how to get the jobs you want to over the coming years

Of course! You can change any of your preferences or details from your dashboard at any time. Do keep your details up to date, so that we can always give you information that's relevant to your career, and match you to the most appropriate positions.

Getting a job is just the start. JobCrystal is about managing your career on an ongoing basis, not merely finding a single job on one occasion. Even while you're happily employed, you’ll be regularly informed of your marketability, your potential career paths and any other positions that will help you to move closer to your dream job.

Nope. In fact, that's one of the best things about JobCrystal. We've never actually met anyone who enjoyed setting up their CV – it's a horrible, difficult, time-consuming process, and incredibly hard to get right, so we decided to just do away with it altogether. Instead we'll create a streamlined profile for you, based on all the information that you supply during registration (or make it easier and just give us your current document and we will automatically upload it so you don’t need to re-do anything or just send your linkedin profile) and later via your JobCrystal dashboard. This is the profile that potential employers will see – minus your personal and contact details, of course, until you give us permission to release those.

Frequently Asked by Companies

JobCrystal uses your Job Specification (or minimum requirements you upload) and finds the right candidate on our JobCrystal base (more than 250,000 candidates). Should none of our candidates match your requirements you can choose to advertise on our site for a minimal fee or choose to advertise on a range of selected other sites to look at a wider audience. Once you have found your employee we can assist in doing checks and balances to ensure they are completely suitable for you in our ‘Check Package’.