Quick Tips to Job Search like a Pro

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When looking for a new job, time is of the essence. Opportunities get snapped up fast, so you want to find the vacancy and apply as quickly as possible. Here are some easy but effective tips to try to make your job search as quick and relevant as possible. Boolean Job Search: Boolean searches help you to create incredibly specific …

Do You Know These 3 Easy Recruitment Hacks?

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Recruitment can get a little overwhelming at times. Take it from us – we know the struggle of overflowing inboxes and clicking to the 23rd page of potential candidates who don’t quite fit what you’re looking for. We understand the disappointment of having a candidate back out at the last minute, or the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person. …

Meet Crystal

How This Startup Is Using AI to Create a World Without Unemployment

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Whatever your thoughts on this technology are, our world is becoming increasingly automated, and in many areas of our lives, artificial intelligence is impossible to escape. Whatever our feeling about it, AI is becoming the future of many areas of our life. So, we at Job Crystal thought why not use it to create a world without unemployment?

Time saving

3 easy apps to save you time (tried and tested)

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We are some of the lucky working parents out there, we have a great support system and we happen to be technology savvy. Having said that we are just like every other parent out there during a lockdown in a pandemic, we have kids jumping into zoom calls, a house to sort out, a goal to get to 0 emails each day and so many lists of things to go, to get, to buy, to focus on, to read, to…. You get the point.