Stand out

My story on how I stood out from the crowd (when job searching)

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My story is not hugely different from many, I started my career with no degree as I did not know what I wanted to do for a living. I worked hard and I got retrenched, four times to be exact (twice I had to retrench myself as it was the company I was heading up). Each time I had to dust myself off and get back on to the job search challenge. And each time I figured out better and smarter ways to stand out from the crowd (the job search crowd). So today I thought I would share what I learnt each time ….

Job Search

Why no one replies to your job applications.

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2021 has arrived and you have decided it is time for a new job (or you were affected badly by COVID-19 and retrenched and need a job). You start your job search on,,,,,, You find great roles; you submit your application via the website or by email and then ……. (cricket sounds) …. Nothing ….