5 recruiting myths we don’t believe any more

Sasha Recruiting

As in every part of society, myths and legends exist – we recently saw a study of some recruiting myths which aren’t accurate any longer. See below the top 5 recruiting myths:

  1. The strongest interviewees always make the best hires – often interviewers mistake confidence for capability. However, if a person can sell themselves it often means they are good at exactly that, selling themselves while not necessarily being good at a specific job. We OFTEN forget when hiring that interviews are a tool, and should be used in conjunction with other tools such as assessments and references.
  2. If a candidate’s resume has typos, you should automatically reject them – unless you’re hiring for a proofreader or similarly detail-oriented role, a perfectly written resume isn’t always a good indicator of a candidate’s suitability.
  3. Unemployment, job changes, and gaps in the resume are indicators of poor performance – often you realize that the reason for the gap is a PhD, volunteering, studies, etc. It’s important to ask probing questions, but meaningful conversations can uncover some amazing talent.
  4. Passive candidates in your pipeline will jump on a position when it’s available – It’s unrealistic to expect a candidate to wait until the time is right for a job. We’ve found that passive talent does not jump when a role is available – very few are waiting around for a new job.
  5. Compensation is the biggest barrier to hiring great talent – Many candidate conversations later, compensation is important, but not the end-all-be-all for the majority of the candidates. Growth, company culture, and nowadays remote working, are more important than compensation.

We hope that these broken myths are a clear indication of what the market is like and how to hire well in the future.