5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Finishing Matric

Catherine Recruiting

The end of matric can be an emotional time. After 12 years of hard work, the finish line is in sight. Even if you’re excited to start the next part of your life, if you’re anything like I was, you’re also terrified about the unknown of it all. Here are 5 things I wish I knew at the end of …

5 Ways AI is Going to Change the Job Market Forever

Catherine Recruiting

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is changing the world. From making video games feel more realistic, to driving the algorithms that make our social media tick. Almost all of us interact with AI in some way or another every day. It might seem like we’re on a path to making ourselves obsolete on the job market, but that’s not necessarily the case. …

Your Job Hunt – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Catherine Recruiting

There’s no doubt that a job hunt can be both a rewarding and frustrating thing. On the one hand, you learn a lot about yourself and what you’re looking for from a future employer. On the other hand, it can be a difficult journey full of rejection, ghosting, and, at worst, job scammers. Here’s how to be the hero of …

Your job search: what’s the first step?

Catherine Recruiting

You’re on a job search again, whether by choice or due to a change in employment circumstances. Either way, it’s often intimidating to know where to start, especially if it’s your first time job-seeking in a while. Where are you even supposed to start? Thankfully the answer to that is simple: prepare! Here is your first step of your job …

3 Ways AI is Changing Job-Seeking

Catherine Recruiting

Over the past several decades, the nature of job-seeking has changed. Gone are the days of pavement-pounding and handing in your CV wherever possible. Now, almost all job applications take place online and this means that the pace of the hiring process has accelerated dramatically. To help with this, employers and recruiters are making increased use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). …


7 Awesome Job Benefits That Attract Quality Candidates (and doesnt break the bank)

Sasha Human Resources, Salary Leave a Comment

We are seeing an increase in job openings in South Africa, which is great for our economy but does create competition when YOU want to hire the best. Often companies have to fight against bigger monetary offers, but now days you would be surprised what ‘wins’ that quality candidate. Due to what has happened over the past 18 months many candidates are looking for non-financial benefits to help with the change at home, so if you can offer some of these non-financial benefits you may be leading the race.