What Shows Up on a Criminal Background Check?

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When searching for a job, almost everywhere you apply will want to carry out a background check before they hire. But why do they want this information and what information do they get from these checks? Here is a short guide on Criminal Background Checks and how they work in the recruitment process. 1. Why do companies want Criminal Background …

How Do I Start My Job Search? 5 Steps

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Is the idea of starting a new job search overwhelming? Are you sitting in front of your computer worried about where to even start? The good news is there are some simple steps you can take to getting yourself ready to find your new dream job. Here are 5 things you can do to prepare. 1. Decide what you want …

5 Simple Tips for Employee Retention

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As an employer, you know that holding onto key staff is vital to the overall health and growth of your company. With skills shortages being what they are and the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic lingering, it’s vital to hold onto and develop the staff you have. So why do employees leave, and how can you help them stay? 1. …

5 things about a candidate

5 Little Things That Can Tell You A Lot About a Candidate

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We hear from numerous studies that interviews are not a valid indicator for an ideal match between candidate and job. We agree with many of these sentiments, it should be the interview, with an assessment, background checks and references to help you make that final hiring decision. But in the interview and around the screening process you can find 5 little things that will tell you a lot about a candidate …

13 Life-Saving Tips for Remote Working Moms

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Being a mom is already a tough job. Add in your responsibilities as an employee, however, and it can sometimes feel like it never ends. The Job Crystal crew is made up of many moms from all different walks of life who have had to adjust to working and raising their little ones at the same time. Here are our …

3 Ways to Wow at Your New Job

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Getting the job is one thing but making sure you stick out the probation period is your next challenge. Starting well is key to making sure you hold onto your new role, so here are 3 ways to wow in your new job. 1. Start positively This may seem obvious, but one of the easiest ways to make a good …


The ONE way to reduce your hiring costs.

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The Job Crystal study on ‘time to hire one new employee’, showed on average 33 hours. This was from the start of creating the job description, to advertising, answering applicants, screening, sourcing, interviewing, completing background checks and ending in the offer being negotiated and accepted. 33 hours for one person working a standard month of 173 hours, equates to 20% of their working month.